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New Business Development

 Increase sales with the business developer package.


Social Media Marketing

Social media services for business.


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Professional website design to create more sales.


Facebook marketing

  Facebook pages for business.


Social Media Training

 Social media training and inbound marketing techniques.


Video Marketing

 Promotional video marketing.


Every successful business owner knows the importance of having a business development plan. They know that investing in sales and marketing as part of their business development will lead to greater success. To succeed in tough economic times, you must, more than ever have this planning process in place.

You may be the best service provider or have the best products but if no one is aware of you or your products, then you are not going to achieve the success you deserve. Without a business development plan you will always be running behind the competition and trying to catch up.

With clients throughout Hertfordshire, Essex and London, Sales Remedy offer sales and marketing support to many diverse businesses. We offer effective business development using Social Media Marketing, Websites, PPC, SEO and online marketing for more business opportunities.

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“With Terry on board, we have increased our business awareness, bookings have hit an all time high and our Facebook promotions are having a real impact on online traffic.” Matt Wallis,  Animal Country Club Sept 2011.

“Following Terry’s strategy we have re-branded, launched a new website and have a very successful business network up and running. Occupancy now 93% at Allen House Business Centre.” Jeff Allen, AHBC August 2011.

“Terry’s, smart professional ideas have fast tracked our business and we have been highly delighted with the results” Matt Dobney, A V Installations February 2011.